Hi, I’m Wess Daniels and I started roasting coffee at home in 2011 because I love coffee and there is nothing better than freshly roasted coffee. In the summer of 2018, I decided I wanted to make my coffee available in our community and so we launched Fireweed Coffee at the Corner Market just a few blocks away from where we live (Fireweed is a wildflower that grows in devastated places, healing the earth beneath allowing for new life to emerge - learn more).

Since then we've expanded into grocery stores, restaurants, and cafes. 

In 2021, Keisha Williams and Shannon Barr came on-board to work with me and to learn and help run the business. We roast weekly here in Greensboro and are proud to be a small, local business supported by so many in our community.

The three of us are passionate about sharing good coffee with Greensboro, building community through coffee, and re-investing back into Greensboro in areas and projects that are meaningful to us. We have a number of partners and collaborators in town and plan to continue to support good work being done in Greensboro. 

We believe that genuinely good coffee makes people happy! It is something you savor. It causes you to linger. There’s something almost spiritual about a flavorful, hot cup of coffee in your hands and the rituals we go through to get that cup of coffee. Coffee offer opportunities to connect with a loved one, a friend or a colleague. It helps you connect with an idea as you sit and read, reflect, or listen to some music. If you have some Fireweed Coffee, we hope you have that kind of experience as well. And if you really like it, share it with a friend!

Thanks for stopping by,

Wess Daniels

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