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Where to Find Us

You can find Fireweed Coffee at every Saturday Morning at the Corner Market here in Greensboro.

You can also find us at these partners: Bestway Grocery, Emma Keys, Machete, A Special Blend, and Vida Pour Tea.


Get Fireweed Coffee Every Saturday at the Corner Farmer's Market

Saturday mornings at the Sticks and Stones Greensboro, NC:

2200 Walker Ave

Greensboro, NC 27043

8:00-11:00 PM

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About Fireweed Coffee Co


I’m offended when I have to drink other coffee now.

Fireweed Market Customer

The Burundi I had was the best coffee I've drank in years.

Monthly Subscriber

...Serious your Sumatra was the, .org, .edu.

Online Customer

This is the best decaf I have ever had.

-Market Customer

[Now] I can't drink other coffee. Folgers is nasty.

Online Customer

"I just want you to know that Starbucks now tastes like drinking burnt ass. I've been spoiled by your coffee."

Online Customer

This brew tastes better, smoother with each sip.

Market Customer