New on the Horizon

New on the Horizon

There are some exciting changes taking place at Fireweed. First, we have two new folks working with us: Keisha and Shannon. We'll do a proper introduction soon but when you see some new faces at the market and welcome them to the Fireweed community. Having more hands means that not only does Wess have help, but we can begin to expand our offerings. 

Secondly, we've recently switched from Square to Shopify. We used Shopify when we first got started but switched for a couple reasons that in hindsight we're great. We're back on Shopify, which frankly is a million times better. That said, we're updating the site so some things may be missing or changing.

Let us know if you have any questions or issues with the site. 

Thanks for drinking our coffee,

Fireweed Coffee HQ.

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