Interview with People’s Perk

This is from the Fireweed archives

Hey all, Karen from my favorite coffeeshop in town The People’s Perk Coffeeshop did an interview with me about Fireweed Coffee and posted it to the Perk’s website. There’s lots of fun stuff in there about the roasting process, finding a good bean, and what to look for to get the best results in your coffee. Also, if you’re in town visit the People’s Perk.

The People’s Perk now has a third coffee partner: Fireweed Coffee, a new micro roaster in Greensboro, NC. The Perk will have 2-3 Fireweed coffees on hand for customers to enjoy brewed French Press style. Roasting tiny batches of coffee are Firewood’s specialty, so it was a perfect fit to add this roaster as the our French press coffee supplier. Wess Daniels started Fireweed after many years of roasting coffee just for himself. Read more about how he got started and what he has to say about how to fill your cup with good java.

Small Batch Coffee Roasting Can Mean Big Flavor in Your Cup: Micro Roaster Fireweed Coffee Partners with The People’s Perk

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