Monthly Coffee Subscription - 2-6 12oz Bags Each Month

Monthly Coffee Subscription - 2-6 12oz Bags Each Month

2 Bags a Month - Seedling Subscription

The Fireweed seedling subscription is for those of you who can't do without fresh coffee or like to have the best around for when company comes over, but you're not chugging it down like your "Fireweed Mountain" counterparts. 

4 Bags a Month - Bloom Subscription

With the Fireweed Bloom subscription, you make sure the drip never stops! You clearly need to have coffee to function but at least you won't settle for anything other than the best. We aren't judging you because we are clearly in the same situation.

With this subscription, you get four bags of 12oz coffee each month. Two the first Saturday of the month and 2 bags the 3rd Saturday of the month. Other arrangements can be made.

6 Bags a Month - Fireweed Mountain Subscription
This is the big one. The Fireweed Mountain subscription comes with 6 bags of freshly roasted coffee each month. That's 3 bags at the beginning of the month and 3 in the middle. Great for families that work through coffee quickly.

All subscriptions can be for pickup or shipping. If you have special requests from types of beans or a different number of bags each month from what we have here please contact Wess directly to make arrangements.