5 Simple Gifts to Up Your Coffee Game This Christmas

Are you looking for some gift ideas for that coffee lover in your life? Want to keep someone who can be a bit grouchy before they have their coffee extra happy in the New Year? Would you like to help a loved one move beyond Keurig culture and make some great tasting coffee that doesn’t require a master’s degree to make?

Here are some of my favorite, very simple and affordable options to change your coffee-making cred and help even the Grinch’s heart grow. 

French Press – An easy way to brew great coffee

I’ve been a long-time fan of the French Press because it is simple to make great coffee with it, so long as you know how to do it. The French Press steeps hot water over coarsely ground beans for 4 mins, then you press the metal mesh filter down over the beans and you’re ready to go. They are affordable, easy to use, and are a nice addition to the kitchen.

Your French Press recipe really matters. Here is my recipe I recently shared on our Instagram.

Digital Thermometer

Temperature is key when making coffee. Generally, speaking, water shouldn’t be hotter than 195-199 degrees when you’re brewing coffee. Whether you’re using a French Press or an AeroPress. Get yourself a digital thermometer to make sure you’ve got the ideal tempature for brewing and you’ll notice the difference immediately.

Burr Grinder

Grinders are important tools when it comes to uping your coffee game. A “burr” grinder takes it to the next level. Instead of chopping beans up the way a single blade grinder works, this has a dual-head for a more even grind. I really like my Cuisinart burr grinder (pictured below). It has a nice hopper for storing coffee. You can set the coarseness of the coffee and you can set how many cups you want it to grind at once. But considering how much coffee we’ve made, this thing really is a great machine. We’ve had it for probably 4-5 years with no problems. A burr grinder is a little better just because it gives you a more consistent grind. Having a grinder means you can purchase whole bean and grind as you need it. That means your cup of coffee will be a little fresher. 

AeroPress – Portable and Easy to Use Coffeemaker

For a great cup of coffee, this is the gold standard. There’s a whole coffee subculture that’s risen up around the AeroPress. While it looks space-aged, it’s easy to use, easy to clean and about as fuss-free as you can get with a coffeemaker like this. It’s best for 1-2 cups of coffee at a time but it will give you a clean cup of coffee that will highlight all the important flavor profiles. If you go with an AeroPress, I’d recommend getting the AeroPress Timer app for iOS devices. 

AreoPress available from Amazon

Freshly Roasted Coffee from fireweed coffee

Yes, it’s obvious to those of you reading this but if you want a great cup of coffee it’s important to start with fresh…coffee. You can have the best setup but if you’re brewing with stale beans it will make very little difference. Why eat wonder bread when you can have home-baked sourdough bread? Whether you order from me or get something at the grocery store, you want to find something that was roasted in the last week and you want to grind it yourself. That’s going to give you the best results. You can order online from firewee here.

For all of this, I suggest you check out the brew methods website for great recipes for all your favorite brewing styles.

Got something to add to this list? Share it with us in the comments below.

Thanks! Wess

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