Eyeing a Roaster

Fireweed Coffee Friends,

I trust your week is going well and that the coffee is remaining strong with you!

We’re coming off our biggest week yet! We were helped by being not only at the Corner Market this weekend, but by having the opportunity to work the First Friends “Peace Festival” as well. If you can believe it, we sold almost 30 cups of Aeropress and Cold Brew in about 3 hours on Sunday! I had the good fortune of my Friends, Justin, helping out as a “freelance” coffee barista (See some photos here). Otherwise, I would have been crushed.

Because interest in Fireweed Coffee continues to grow, I am beginning to think seriously about purchasing an actual roaster (stovetop poppers can only get us so far!). That said, this Saturday at the market I will start putting out a “tip” jar to help raise money to buy an actual roaster, which will allow me to increase my output and the quality of my roasts. I’ve also created an online version for folks who want to help us upgrade our equipment. Here is a link to our online store where you can purchase beans as well as donate to the roaster.

I look forward to seeing you soon and thank you for supporting our coffee,

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