Our First Market Was a Success

For about the past three weeks, I’ve been focused on getting ready to setup at the “Corner Market” here in Greensboro. I have a long checklist of things I knew I needed to pack. I was figuring out cost and coming up with an overall roasting plan so that I could have enough freshly roasted coffee for the market. That was this past Saturday. It turned out that I spent four evenings last week roasting up batches of coffee. I clearly haven’t dialed in my timing for bulk roasting yet. Currently, I am able to roast about 5 pounds in an hour. Since it’s all hand-cranked at this point, that’s about all I want to do in an evening.

Besides having enough coffee to sell (I brought about 10 pounds of roasted coffee), we were providing cold and hot brewed coffee this past week, though we won’t always be doing that. I decided on using an AeroPress for the hot brew because its is a nice balance of simplicity and novelty. It was fun to prepare and do some practice to make sure we were prepared. Everyone got in on the action. My wife made the cold brew. My kids got up early Saturday morning, helped me pack, unpack, and set up our table.

In my estimation, the market was a huge success. We had a lot of fun, made some new friends, and sold some coffee. A number of our friends came out to show their support which was super sweet. I even had one customer give me high-five because he liked the coffee so much!

Next Saturday is coming fast.

Back to roasting.

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